A suit was filed today on behalf of the Bank of Israel, the first of its kind, against defendants convicted of counterfeiting banknotes.  This step comes in addition to intensive enforcement measures carried out by the Israel Police, and reflects the close cooperation between the Bank of Israel and law enforcement authorities, using a variety of tools and methods to protect the public against currency counterfeiting, and to bring the full extent of the law against counterfeiters.  The suit will send a clear and deterring message that in addition to criminal law, counterfeiters will also face civil lawsuits for significant amounts.  The suit was filed on behalf of the Bank of Israel by the Civil Enforcement Unit of the State Prosecution and the Southern District (Civil) Prosecutor.


In addition to deterrent and enforcement measures, the Bank of Israel acts through a variety of channels to ensure that the banknotes provided to the public are authentic and secure. The security features on the new series of banknotes were created with advanced technology and are among the best in the world.  Counterfeiters have so far been unsuccessful in any attempt to mimic the security features, and the Bank of Israel’s public information and awareness efforts, under the slogan “It’s simple to make sure that it’s secure” are intended to acquaint every citizen with the security features and easily check that the banknotes in his or her possession are authentic and secure.


The Bank of Israel will continue cooperating with law enforcement authorities, as well as various entities in the business sector, to maintain the quality and authenticity of the banknotes in circulation.​