With the aim of helping benefit recipients who have no debit card with which to withdraw cash or make transactions, the Supervisor of Banks held discussions with all the banks, at which it was decided that the banks would open all branches at which there are teller services, for the purpose of withdrawing benefit payments in cash.


The teller desks were opened on Friday, and will be open on Sunday, in accordance with the normal opening hours of the branches, and all of them will be open on Monday, March 30 as well, for these customers only.


Thereafter, beginning on Tuesday, March 31, activity at the branches will return to current operations, through core branches only.


In addition, the banks have sent their benefit recipient customers a debit card so that they can avoid having to go to the branches.  Some of them have already arrived, and some will arrive in the coming days.


The Bank of Israel again asks customers to adhere to Ministry of Health instructions, and to avoid leaving their homes unnecessarily, in order to maintain their health.​​​