Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Amir Yaron today announced his decision to appoint Mr. Oded Salomy to the position of Director of the Bank’s Payment and Settlement Systems Department and Member of Management. The Governor made the decision after interviewing a select number of candidates who were submitted for his review by the Search Committee led by the Director of the Information and Statistics Department.  Mr. Salomy will join the Bank effective November 23, 2020.


Mr. Oded Salomy has many years of experience in the field of electronic payments.  Among his positions, he served as General Manager of Visa in Israel, established the company’s local headquarters and managed its operations, as well as served as a member of the company’s regional leadership team with responsibility for activity in a variety of European countries.  Mr. Salomy also founded and led Visa’s global innovation center in Tel Aviv, and helped connect Israeli startup companies with international financial organizations.  Oded Salomy brings a wealth of experience across multiple roles cultivating fintech initiatives and advanced payment systems in Israel and abroad.


The new Director holds a Bachelor’s degree cum laude from Harvard University and a JD from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.  In addition, he serves as President Emeritus of the Harvard Club of Israel.  Mr. Salomy lives in Ramat Hasharon and is married with three children.


Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Amir Yaron said, “Payment systems constitute a critical foundation for the functioning of the financial system in the Israeli economy.  The field of payments and settlements has developed rapidly in recent years, both technologically and commercially.  By cultivating advanced, convenient, efficient, and secure payment systems, the Bank of Israel helps accelerate innovation and competition in this field, which affects every citizen and every business in the Israeli economy.  I am certain that Oded Salomy’s tremendous experience in the field of payments and settlement will be an asset to the Bank of Israel, and will help position us in the international center stage in this field.  I wish Oded great success in managing and leading the Department.  I would also like to thank Irit Mendelson, who managed the Department in recent years.”


Oded Salomy, the incoming Director of the Accounting, Payment and Settlement Systems Department, said, “Breakthroughs and innovation in the global payments industry are coming to Israel.  I thank the Governor for the opportunity to lead and influence this important trend, which develops the economy and connects the Israeli consumers, merchants and government with those of other advanced economies across the globe. Our aspirations for Israel in this field are many. I am excited to collaborate with stakeholders within and outside the Bank of Israel to develop and cultivate new value propositions in this arena.”