The Governor of the Bank of Israel, Professor Amir Yaron, has notified the Prime Minister of his intention to recommend that the government appoint Mr. Andrew Abir as Deputy Governor of the Bank of Israel. The appointment is subject to the process of approval by the Advisory Committee for the Appointment of Senior Officials in the Civil Service (the Goldberg Committee), and the approval of the Government. As Deputy Governor, Abir will also serve as a member of the Bank of Israel Monetary Committee and Supervisory Council.


Mr. Andrew Abir, Director of the Bank of Israel’s Markets Department since 2011 and a member of the Monetary Committee since 2017, has a BA degree in Economics and Politics from Oxford University and an MBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Mr. Abir has vast professional experience in core central banking areas. He began to work as an economist at the Bank of Israel in 1987, served as Head of the Bank’s Foreign Exchange Dealing Room, and afterward as Deputy Director of the Market Operations Department and the Head of the Department’s Financial Division. As part of his functions, he headed the joint team to deal with the effects of the global financial crisis on the financial markets in Israel, took part in Israel’s inclusion in the CLS international clearing system, served as an advisor to central banks around the world on behalf of the IMF, and integrated advanced trading systems for managing Israel’s foreign exchange reserves. As Director of the Markets Department, Abir led the diversification of the foreign exchange portfolio, served as a Tel Aviv Stock Exchange director on behalf of the Bank of Israel, and since March 2019 has served as a member of the Bank’s Supervisory Council. Beyond Andrew’s considerable experience in analyzing macroeconomic developments in Israel and abroad, he has deep familiarity with the financial markets and leading financial entities in Israel and abroad, a wealth of experience in operational financial systems, and proven managerial achievements.


Governor of the Bank of Israel Prof. Amir Yaron said, “I thank Andrew for his willingness to take upon himself the heavy responsibility and to assist me in leading the Bank of Israel in the coming years. I presented to the Prime Minister Andrew’s knowledge, capabilities, and experience in all the relevant areas, that due to which I believe he is appropriate for the position. Technological changes have a marked impact on the economy, the business environment, and the Bank’s activity. Andrew will provide the Bank with his years-long experience in formulating and implementing policy, and the operation of complex financial systems, while adopting technological innovation. All these will help us to lead the processes that the Bank of Israel is planning for the financial system and the economy.”


Mr. Andrew Abir said, “I thank the Governor for his trust in me. The Bank of Israel faces many challenges in the coming years, and I am happy to have the opportunity to continue and contribute to the Bank in a wide range of our responsibilities. I look forward to working together with the colleagues in the Bank and outside it for the benefit of the Israeli economy.”​