Labor Party Chairman and Minister of Economy and Industry Amir Peretz met today with Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Amir Yaron at the Bank of Israel in Jerusalem, together with professional teams from both offices.  During the meeting, they discussed the current state of the economy.  The Governor presented the Bank of Israel’s measures during the corona crisis to the Minister, and Bank of Israel officials then presented the macroeconomic state of the Israeli economy.  Proposals were raised for structural changes required in the economy in order to support increased productivity and increased equality.


Labor Party Chairman and Minister of Economy and Industry Amir Peretz: “One of the most important solutions for bringing workers back into the labor market is increasing productivity in small and medium businesses.  I was pleased to hear that the Bank of Israel is also aware of this, but I hope that assistance to microbusinesses with turnover of up to NIS 1 million will be more significantly emphasized in the Bank of Israel’s activity with the private banks.  We arranged to continue meeting in order to find creative solutions together that will rapidly lead to economic growth in general and growth of small and medium businesses in particular.”


Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Amir Yaron: “I thank the Minister of Economy and senior officials from his ministry for their visit today to the Bank of Israel.  I was pleased to hold a fruitful discussion on the issues that were raised.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish Minister Peretz success in his position.  The Bank of Israel and the Ministry of Economy have many professional interfaces, and the cooperation between us, and between other echelons in our offices, will continue, with an emphasis on advancing the structural changes that will support employment and increased productivity in the economy.”