The Governor of the Bank of Israel announced today that beginning on Tuesday, September 16, 2014, (21 Elul 5774), the new NIS 50 banknote will be distributed to the public. This is the first banknote of the new series of banknotes, and it will be distributed through commercial bank tellers, automated teller machines, and Israel Postal Company branches.

Description of the banknote
NIS 50
Portrait (horizontal):
Shaul Tchernichovsky
Dominant color:
136mm x 71mm
Design on front of note:
Background pictures
Citrus tree and its fruits
Poem: Oh, My Land, My Birthplace
Design on back of note:
Background pictures
Capitals of Corinthian columns
Segment from the poem “I Believe”
Signs for vision impaired:
Two pairs of lines at the bottom margins of the banknote, on the left and on the right, are printed with transparent raised ink that is discernible by touch.
Osnat Eshel
Pictures of the banknote:
The new banknotes have a standard of security, innovation, and accessibility that is among the most advanced in the world, and they incorporate a range of leading edge anti-counterfeiting security features, created through various technologies. In addition, the new banknotes include special features to aid the blind and vision impaired.
The NIS 50 banknotes in use today, from Series B of the New Shekel, which entered circulation in 1999, will continue to be legal tender for several years, and will be in circulation in parallel with the new banknotes. When the older banknotes will be deposited at the Bank of Israel, they will gradually be replaced with banknotes from the new series.
The Bank of Israel has been working since March of this year to inform and train the companies and main entities using cash in the economy about the entry into circulation of the new banknotes and their manner of use. In addition, the Bank of Israel supplied samples of the banknotes, in a timely fashion, to importers of automated machine mechanisms and to companies that operate those machines. The samples were provided in order to calibrate and adjust the machines to the new banknotes.
Automated machine operators that have not yet completed the process of adjusting the machines to the new banknotes are required to do so as soon as possible.
The Bank will launch today a public information campaign through the media. Within the framework of the campaign, the public will receive detailed information about the new banknote. Further information is available on the Bank of Israel website at, by email contact­, or by telephone 1800-300-018.