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The NIS 2 Silver Proof commemorative coin in the UNESCO “World Heritage Sites” series issued by the Bank of Israel and dedicated to the water supply system at Tel Megiddo has won a prize at the tenth annual Vicenza Numismatica International Competition held in the city of Vicenza, Italy, and was chosen as the “Most Beautiful Architectural Representation on a Coin Minted in 2012”.




The selection was made by an expert panel of judges consisting of numismatics experts and members of the Numismatics Society and various Italian coin collecting societies.
In its selection, the panel of judges noted the “elegant and suggestive representation Tel Megiddo’s water system” that is “part of a bigger archaeological complex, and is symbolized on the coin by an essential and evocative perspective full of beauty and mystery.”


The competition organizers congratulated the Bank of Israel, the Israel Coins and Medals Corporation Ltd. and the coin’s designer, Ms. Osnat Eshel, for this important achievement.


This coin is the fourth in the series dedicated by the Bank of Israel to UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in Israel, following coins dedicated to the White City in Tel Aviv, Massada, and the Old City of Acco.


This is the second time that a commemorative coin issued by the Bank of Israel has won an international competition in Vicenza. The prize was previously won by the “Gymnastics” coin issued in 2011 in honor of the London Olympics.