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The Bank of Israel's Equator

Get to know our comparative information tools and our handbooks which are intended to help you to negotiate your terms with the banks in a knowledgeable way and to conduct yourself intelligently in the financial environment

 Money market trust fund, Makam and bank deposit

Useful information on savings options, on solid investment channels and the latest facts about the management of funds by banking customers in current (checking) accounts and bank deposits.

Getting a mortgage?


The Mortgage Reform changed the process of obtaining a mortgage and comparing between mortgage offers. Have a good look at what you should know it before you are setting off.

Have you got an offer for a mortgage from the bank?

Compare the mortgage terms and conditions offered by the bank with the average mortgage terms and conditions on the market.

This information is provided by the Bank of Israel only as an informative service to the public. It is emphasized and clarified that this information should not be considered, in any case and in any form, as a personalized advice on investments or a recommendation or an opinion with regard to the worthwhileness of investing in financial products which are mentioned on this page.