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Trivia: Israel’s coins and banknotes

What is special about the people who appear on Israel’s banknotes?

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Good to know! Banknotes (and coins) are national symbols. As such, the portraits that appear on them are of people who contributed much to the State of Israel and have passed away. These include prime ministers, presidents, and intellectual and cultural leaders.

Why are there security features embedded in the banknotes?

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Good to know! Since the banknotes have relatively high value (compared to coins), the Bank of Israel works to protect them against counterfeiting, using advanced security features that feature various technologies.

How can someone distinguish the security features on the banknotes?

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Good to know! There are security features on every banknote. Some can be seen, mainly when you hold the banknote up to the light. Some can be felt by touching, and some can be discovered when you tilt the banknote in different directions.

What is more difficult to counterfeit – banknotes or coins?

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Good to know! Since the value of banknotes is higher than that of coins, the Bank of Israel incorporates security features in them to make it more difficult to counterfeit them and easier to discover counterfeits.

What do all the people appearing in Series C of the New Shekel (the banknotes currently in use) have in common?

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Good to know! The portraits of Rachel the Poetess, Shaul Tchernichovsky, Leah Goldberg, and Nathan Alterman appear on the banknotes. This is the only series dedicated entirely to intellectual and literary leaders.

How many agorot are there in a shekel?

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Good to know!

Why are the banknotes designed in different sizes?

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Good to know! In addition to the identification features for those with visual disabilities, the banknotes can be differentiated by their length. Each banknote is 7 mm longer than the denomination below it.

Which of the following poets appears on a banknote?

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Good to know! A portrait of Leah Goldberg appears on the NIS 100 banknote in Series C of the New Shekel. This series is devoted entirely to writers and poets that made significant contributions to Israeli art and culture.

You have discovered that you have counterfeit money. What must you do?

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Good to know! Someone who has counterfeit money cannot exchange it and will lose its value.

Which of the following is a security feature on a banknote?

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Good to know! Each banknote contains a number of security features in order to make counterfeiting difficult. Generally, if you check three features, you can know whether the banknote is real or counterfeit.

Why did the Bank of Israel cancel the one-agora and five-agora coins?

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Good to know!

The first banknotes issued by the Bank of Israel are the only ones that did not contain portraits of people. What was the theme decorating those banknotes?

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Good to know! The series was put into circulation in 1955, immediately following the establishment of the Bank of Israel, and about 7 years after the establishment of the state. The obverse side featured landscapes and flowers of the Land of Israel, and the reverse side featured abstract designs intended to make counterfeiting more difficult.


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This page was last updated on: 24/06/2024