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  • Findings from the October 2023 Labor Force Survey indicate a considerable adverse impact on employment in Arab society. In October 2023, unemployment, broadly defined, reached 15.6 percentage points in Arab society, compared to 8.6 percentage points in Jewish society. In addition, in October, employment absenteeism in Arab society was 4.5 percentage points higher than in Jewish society.
  • The growth rate of unemployment broadly defined among men in Arab society was significantly higher than among men in Jewish society (13.6 percentage points vs. 4.3 percentage points, respectively), while no considerable differences were indicated among women (5.1 percentage points vs. 6.3 percentage points in Arab and Jewish society, respectively).
  • The sharp decline in employment in Arab society reflects the fact that approximately one third of Arabs are employed in sectors and occupations that are at risk of a short-term employment decline as a result of the war. This risk stems from the inactivity in construction sites, a decline of activity in the commercial and leisure sectors, and the potential decline in employment of Arabs as service providers to Jewish society.