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Further to the publication of the broad outline to ease the credit and fees burden on households and businesses that were harmed during the war, explanatory and accessibility material is attached to this notice for journalists and the broad public.

  1. A detailed FAQ file providing answers to a variety of questions and issues that have arisen so far. The file will be updated as additional issues arise and answers are added, further to enquiries from the public and journalists, which we encourage.
  2. An infographic file that simplifies the main points of the outline for various population groups.
  3. A video of Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Amir Yaron (in Hebrew), explaining the outline and calling on the public to use it as necessary.
  4. A link to the Bank of Israel’s official Facebook page (in Hebrew), with a blue verification symbol (“Blue check mark”). We note that the page, which is routinely used by the Bank of Israel Visitors Center, has been converted to emergency service and will provide contact with the public on issues concerning the war and the Bank of Israel’s activities.  It is important to note that we are monitoring social media pages that are posing as Bank of Israel pages, reporting on them, and working to have them removed.

The Bank of Israel continues to respond to the various economic issues resulting from the hostilities, and is formulating measures that are necessary in accordance with the variety of tools available to it.  The Banking Supervision Department continues to monitor the banking system’s activity, make working visits in the field, and map the needs of the banking system’s customers and families who have lost their loved ones, and responds to the public on banking issues.

  • The Banking Supervision Department’s Consumer Enquiries and Inspections Unit: 02-655-2680 or *9086.
  • Call center to the Bank of Israel’s Supervisor of Credit Data: *6194
  • Emergency information page (in Hebrew) on the Bank of Israel website.