Bank of Israel Research Department Director Prof. Nathan Sussman has announced the appointment of Dr. Adi Brender as Head of the Macroeconomics and Policy Division in the Research Department. Dr. Brender has served until now as the Head of the Research Department's Public Sector Unit. 
Dr. Brender received his PhD from Columbia University in New York. He joined the Bank of Israel Research Department in 1997 after five years with the International Monetary Fund.
As part of his work in the Research Department, Dr. Brender was Head of the Research Department's Public Sector Unit, and worked on analyses of the state budget and its macroeconomic impact, tax and allowances policy, and pension reform. Over the years, he published various papers on fiscal policy, the labor market, and political economics, and participated in various committees and teams dealing with economic policy issues.
Dr. Brender will replace Prof. Michel Strawczynski, who is stepping down after two decades of work at the Bank of Israel.
Prof. Strawczynski served as Deputy Director of the Research Department, and Head of the Department's Macroeconomics and Policy Division, contributing to the changes and development of the Division. He also leads the inter-ministerial team for the official research into the Earned Income Tax Credit (negative income tax) program. In addition, he led the economic team in the process of Israel's acceptance into the OECD.


Strawczynski has been appointed Associate Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a joint appointment of the Economics Department and the Federmann School of Public Policy and Government, where he will also serve as academic head of the Honors Master's program. He has also been appointed Director of the Economics and Society Program at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.
Prof. Sussman wished Dr. Brender success in his role, and thanked Prof. Strawczynski for his dedicated work in the Research Department and his contribution to the activity of the Research Department and the Bank of Israel.
                                        Dr. Adi Brender