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Supervisor of Banks Daniel Hahiashvili said: “Our hearts are with the families that have been suffered a grave attack, and with those who have been uprooted from their homes due to the cruel attack on residents of the south.  We cannot remain indifferent to the tragedies that these families have suffered.  I hope that at least in the financial realm we can provide them with at least a little breathing room so that they can have the space to deal with their pain and bereavement.  This is a time when it is incumbent upon all of us, including the banking system, to do all that we can to help put these families back on their feet, come together, and rehabilitate the regions that have been hit.”

The Supervisor and his staff spoke with families, listened to the needs arising from the field, and presented the assistance outline that the Bank of Israel published last night.

The Banking Supervision Department has been working since the start of the situation to formulate a variety of solutions with the tools available to it in order to make it easier for the banking system’s customers during this complex and painful time.

This visit is one of a series of planned visits by professional teams from the Banking Supervision Department, with the aim of listening and providing optimal assistance to victimized populations in the fields of banking.

 Credit: Bank of Israel Spokesperson’s Office.