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The Banking Supervision Department invites the public to participate in lectures to increase awareness of how to deal with digital fraud

Supervisor of Banks Yair Avidan: “Digital fraud is increasing, becoming more sophisticated and diverse. Attempts to embezzle money from customers focus on various population groups such as new immigrants and senior citizens.  In view of this, we are increasing our public awareness efforts and promoting a broad nationwide program to help the banking system’s customers deal with such attempts and learn how to act in such cases.  I invite the public to participate in these activities and obtain the proper tools to deal with this phenomenon.”


The Bank of Israel’s Banking Supervision Department, together with the Association of Banks in Israel and the Israeli banking system, holds various activities each year to increase the public’s financial awareness.  These activities, which are free of charge, aim to reduce information gaps, increase the public’s awareness of its rights, and help it interact with the commercial banks.


We call on social service organization, nonprofits, community centers, assisted living facilities, and other such agencies with relevant target populations to arrange a lecture for their members.   The lectures are free of charge, and will take place during the activity period.  Interested organizations are asked to fill out their details in the attached flyer and make sure that they have the necessary aids and tools to hold the lecture, as detailed in the document.  Registration is open until May 10, 2023.


Since 2021, there has been a marked increase in frauds and embezzlement using digital means against customers, with the aim of embezzling money from them.  These cases have targeted various population groups, such as new immigrants and senior citizens.  In view of this, it was decided that the “Forum for Increasing Financial Awareness”, which is led by the Banking Supervision Department and includes representatives of the banking system and the Association of Banks, will focus its activity this year on dealing with digital frauds.  The program will deal with issues of digital fraud: how to identify and protect yourself against digital fraud and imposters, when not to click on suspicious links, how to securely access your bank account, information on fraud methods aimed specifically at immigrants from the former Soviet Union, and more.


The program will include frontal lectures across the country, between June 4 and June 15, 2023.  The lectures will take place in areas with large concentrations of new immigrants and senior citizens, with the aim of helping them identify common types of digital fraud and to obtain tools to protect themselves against it.  In addition, there will be webinars for the general public, in Hebrew, Arabic, and Russian.  In parallel, there will also be a campaign over various media outlets and public awareness material will be distributed.


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