Mr. Doron Pelach today announced his decision to step down as Director of the Information Technology Department at the end of the year. He has held the position for the past three years. The Governor of the Bank of Israel will appoint a search committee, headed by the Director General, to recommend candidates for the position.

Doron Pelach led several major processes and projects through which the Bank’s computer and communications infrastructures were upgraded. These include the development of new systems to support activity of the Bank’s departments, such as systems for managing the foreign exchange reserves, reporting to the Banking Supervision Department, and executive office management, as well as advanced human resources administration applications. In addition, systems for strengthening the contact between the Bank of Israel and the public—such as the Bank’s website and a CRM system for managing public enquiries to the Banking Supervision Department—were enhanced. Mr. Pelach also led important processes to strengthen the automation and resilience of the Bank of Israel’s information technology systems during emergencies.
Governor of the Bank of Israel Dr. Karnit Flug said, “The Information Technology Department underwent significant changes under Doron’s leadership, and met various challenges in a sector which is marked by rapid change and which requires the highest level of professionalism. On behalf of the Bank’s management, I thank Doron for his contribution to the Bank of Israel’s automation systems, and wish him success in his new endeavors."