Dr. Hedva Ber will start working at the Bank of Israel on July 15, 2015, beginning a period of transition with the outgoing Supervisor of Banks, David Zaken. As published, Mr. Zaken agreed to the Governor’s request to defer stepping down from his role, in order to provide an orderly transition of the position to the new Supervisor. An agreement to prevent conflict of interest will be signed by Dr. Ber prior to beginning her employment at the Bank of Israel, and it will be available for the public to read on the Bank of Israel website.

The Governor of the Bank of Israel, Dr. Karnit Flug, said, “I would like to again thank David Zaken for his 25 years of service to the Bank of Israel, during which he worked tirelessly to strengthen the stability of the banking system, and at the same time, in a consistent and uncompromising manner, to strengthen competition and fairness of the system vis-à-vis the public, and for the public’s welfare. I welcome Hedva Ber on her return to the Bank of Israel and commend her willingness to take upon herself the role of Supervisor of Banks at this important and challenging time, and I wish her success in her role.”​