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Following on its decision of April 10, 2011, regarding the figures whose portraits will appear on the new series of banknotes, the Cabinet approved the details and designs of two of the new banknotes—the NIS 50 and NIS 200 denominations—at today’s meeting. The designs of NIS 20 and NIS 100 denomination banknotes were also approved in principle. The details and designs of the NIS 50 and NIS 200 denominations, which will be the first to enter circulation, are below:

The motifs which have been integrated into the banknote designs were based on poems written by the poets.


1.         Shaul Tchernichovsky—the poem “Oh, My Land, My Homeland”—the poem was the inspiration for the design of the front of the banknote. The poem contains the phrase “the bouquet of spring orchards” so a citrus tree and its fruit are displayed. On the back of the banknote, a Corinthian column is integrated in reference to parts of Tchernichovsky’s compositions and his wonderful translations of ancient Greek literature.

2.         Natan Alterman—the poem “Eternal Meeting”—the poem contains the phrase “For you have stormed upon me” which was the inspiration for integrating the autumn leaves, and other phrases mentioning the evening and the moon served as the inspiration for the design of the back of the note, which includes flora in the moonlight.


The Governor of the Bank of Israel presented to the Government today the designs of the four banknotes which are scheduled to enter circulation within the framework of the new banknote series. The first two denominations—NIS 50 and NIS 200—are expected to be issued toward the end of 2013. The two remaining banknotes in the new series—denominations of NIS 20 (featuring Rachel the Poetess) and NIS 100 (featuring Leah Goldberg)—are expected to be issued in the first half of 2014.


The Bank of Israel has invested great effort in order for the banknotes of the State of Israel to be among the most advanced, in line with global trends, and to ensure the trust placed in it by the public to protect the security of the currency and economic stability of Israel. The banknotes in the new series will incorporate advanced security features, and will be of varying sizes in order to assist the visually impaired to distinguish between the various denominations.


It has been 15 years since the banknotes in use today were issued. During that time, the Bank of Israel took care to keep the level of counterfeiting in Israel low, using the knowledge and ability to integrate clear security features into the banknotes. However, 15 years is a very long time with regard to technological developments. The developments in the area of banknotes, increased levels of counterfeiting worldwide, and the technology available today to counterfeiters, necessitate that we prepare ourselves in a timely fashion for the years ahead.


In recent years, the Bank of Israel researched, examined, and created the infrastructure for switching banknotes, ahead of the issue of the new banknotes. The next generation of banknotes in Israel presents a new standard in the level of security, designated developments of security features and additional elements to strengthen even more the trust in the banknotes and our personal security.


In the coming months the Bank of Israel will provide extensive information to the public regarding the security features integrated into the banknotes, and regarding the exchange of existing banknotes for the new ones.


As previously announced, the designer of the new series is Ms. Osnat Eshel. Ms. Eshel was chosen through a public design competition held by the Bank.


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