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  •  Israel’s surplus assets over liabilities vis-à-vis abroad continued to increase moderately during the first quarter by some 1.3 percent, reaching $60 billion at the end of March. An increase of $9.3 billion (3.4 percent) in surplus assets held abroad by Israelis was partially offset by an increase of $8.6 billion (3.9 percent) in Israelis’ liabilities abroad.

  •  The increase in the asset portfolio was a result of the combination of investments in tradable securities portfolio abroad ($4.3 billion) and an increase in their market value; an increase in deposits by Israeli banks in banks abroad ($0.9 billion); and growth in reserve assets ($1.1 billion).

  • The increase in the gross balance of liabilities to abroad was due mainly to direct investments by foreign residents ($3.9 billion), net investments in government of Israel bond issues abroad ($2 billion), and an increase in the value of investments by foreign residents in the tradable securities portfolio ($2.5 billion).

  •  The gross external debt to GDP ratio continued to decline by another percentage point during the first three months of 2013, to a level of 38 percent.

  • The surplus of assets over liabilities vis-à-vis abroad in debt instruments alone increased in the first quarter of 2013, by about $2.1 billion (2.9 percent), and reached about $72.8 billion at the end of the quarter (a negative net external debt).