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Nonresidents’ continued investments in Israeli government bonds
Bonds and makam traded in Tel Aviv: In June, nonresidents invested about $210 million, net, in government bonds, further to net investment of about $560 million in March-May combined.
There were also net repayments to nonresidents of about a net $125 million in government bonds traded abroad: Nonresidents redeemed about $200 million in bonds that reached maturity, which was partially offset by net investments of about $75 million.
Investments in Israeli shares: In June, nonresidents invested about $40 million, net, in shares on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), mostly in the banking industry. In contrast, nonresidents realized about $250 million, net, in Israeli shares traded abroad.
Nonresidents' direct investment in Israel: Nonresidents' direct investment in Israel via the banking system totaled about $1.1 billion in June, of which about $200 million were invested in a company in the computer services industry, and about $180 million were invested in a company in the chemical manufacturing industry.
Increased investments by institutional investors and households in foreign securities
In June, the business sector, households, and institutional investors invested about $1.9 billion, combined, in financial investments (stocks and bonds) abroad, of which about $1.1 billion were invested by institutional investors in stocks and bonds abroad.
Shares: In June, households invested about $510 million, net, in foreign shares traded abroad, while institutional investors invested about a net $490 million, mainly in ETFs and mutual funds.  The business sector invested about $220 million, net.
Bonds: In June, Israeli residents invested about $770 million, net, in bonds traded abroad, of which about $560 million were by institutional investors. At the same time, households invested about $270 million, net.
Direct investment abroad: In June, there was about $220 million in net direct investment abroad by Israeli residents. Most of the activity was in the real estate industries.