Graphs & Data
Increase in direct investment and sales of government bonds
Bonds and makam traded in Tel Aviv: In May, nonresidents realized about a net $350 million in government bonds traded in Tel Aviv, and about $30 million in makam.
Investments in Israeli shares: In May, nonresidents invested about $80 million in shares on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). In contrast, nonresidents realized about $270 million in Israeli shares traded abroad.
Nonresidents' direct investment in Israel: In May, nonresidents' direct investment in Israel via the banking system totaled about $570 million. Activity was concentrated in the manufacturing and production industry, and in the high technology industries.
Increase in net investments by institutional investors, and net sales of foreign shares by the business sector
In May, Israeli residents invested about a net $870 million in financial investments (stocks and bonds) abroad.
Shares: In May, Israeli residents realized about $150 million in foreign shares traded abroad: the business sector switched over to net realizations of about $760 million. In contrast, institutional investors, primarily the new pension funds, invested about a net $530 million, mostly in ETFs. Similarly, households invested about $80 million in May.
Bonds: In May, Israeli residents invested about $1 billion in bonds traded abroad—net investments of about $490 million by institutional investors, mainly provident funds and advanced-training funds, and of about $260 million by each of the household and business sectors.
Direct investment abroad: Israeli residents realized net direct investments abroad totaling about $15 million. Most of the realizations were by companies in financial and insurance activity and in the data and communications industry.




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