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Investment in government bonds


Bonds and makam: In September 2012, nonresidents invested a net $110 million in government bonds and sold about $15 million net in makam. Preliminary figures for October indicate an increase in foreign residents' investments in government bonds. Since the beginning of the year, nonresidents have sold about $1.1 billion in government bonds and some $3.3 billion in makam. 

About $80 million of government bonds traded abroad were sold in September.


Israeli shares: In September, nonresidents invested a net $60 million in shares on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), following net investment of some $430 million in July-August combined. Preliminary figures for October indicate net sales of TASE-traded shares by nonresidents.


Nonresidents' direct investment: In September, nonresidents' net direct investment in Israel via domestic banks totaled about $200 million, most of which was invested in the manufacturing and high tech sectors, and was spread among a relatively large number of companies.




Investment in foreign shares by institutional investors


Shares: In September, net investments by Israeli residents in foreign shares traded abroad totaled about $740 million: about $590 million by institutional investors, about $130 million by the business sector, and about $20 million by households.


Bonds: In September, residents sold a net $60 million in tradable bonds abroad—the business sector and institutional investors sold some $70 million combined, which was partially offset by net investments by household investors.


Direct investment abroad: In September, net direct investments abroad totaled some $125 million, mainly concentrated in the insurance and provident fund industry.