In view of the government decision to cancel most restrictions at work places that receive the public, the Banking Supervision Department intends to shorten the duration of the temporary order[1] that was published in view of the COVID-19 crisis, and that relates to activity at the branches of the banking system.  This means that by June 30, 2021 at the very latest, all branches of the banking system will be open as normal for public reception.


The branches will provide all services that were provided prior to the COVID-19 crisis in Israel.


In-person services will be provided to the public without the need for setting an appointment in advance.  However, the bank will be able to offer customers pre-arranged appointments in order to provide them with rapid service and save precious time.


The COVID-19 crisis accelerated digital developments around the world in general, and in the banking system in particular.  The Banking Supervision Department encourages the public to carry out a wide variety of banking transactions through direct means: by phone, using ATMs, using banking applications, and via the bank’s website.


It should be noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has not yet come to a complete end, and as a consequence, the banking system is continuing to manage business continuity risks that are derived from the pandemic.  As part of this, the banks are continuing to take the necessary steps to ensure protection of their customers and employees.


This amendment has been published as a draft for discussion among members of the Advisory Committee, and a final decision on the matter will be made after the consulting process is complete.

[1] Amendments to the Proper Conduct of Banking Business directives for dealing with the COVID-19 crisis (temporary order).  Proper Conduct of Banking Business Directive number 250.​