To the tender (in Hebrew)

As part of the establishment of the Central Credit Register, the Bank of Israel today published a tender for the establishment, operation and maintenance of a central credit register. The register is intended to serve for the centralization and secure transmission of credit information regarding retail customers (in accordance with the Credit Data Law, 5776–2016), and the tender published today is a main milestone in the project.  Companies eligible to apply for the tender include Israeli companies with relevant experience in the establishment of databases and with the appropriate security clearance, that meet the required financial criteria.
Bank of Israel Director General Hezi Kalo said, “This is another step in the complex process, both in technological and business terms, of establishing the Central Credit Register, as part of which the Bank of Israel is placing special emphasis on information security and on maintaining customer privacy.  The project is advancing in line with the timetable that has been set.  The expected launch of the Register for use by the public and by players in the credit market will lead to improved competitive conditions and access to information in the credit market.”
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