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Reaction of incoming Governor Prof. Amir Yaron to the government’s decision on his appointment to the position

I was pleased to receive the government’s decision to recommend that the President of Israel appoint me as Governor of the Bank of Israel.

I would like to thank the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, and the government of Israel for the trust they have placed in me.  It is a tremendous honor for me to fill the position of Governor, which has been filled over the years by the best economists in Israel.  I am aware of the heavy responsibility placed on my shoulders, and I will do all in my power to fortify the strength and continued growth of the Israeli economy so that the entire Israeli public will benefit from its results.  I thank the outgoing governor, Dr. Karnit Flug, who is handing me a wonderfully managed institution that is leading an economy that is growing and stable, as well as Dr. Nadine Baudot-Trajtenberg, who is serving as Acting Governor until I take up the position.  I am excited to return to Israel after the years I spent in the United States pursuing my academic work, and I view this position as the pinnacle of my professional career.