Eyal Haddad, CPA, will be appointed to the position of Supervisor of Credit Data Sharing.  He will replace Tzuriel Tammam, CPA, who has served in the position since April 2017.  Haddad will take up the position on June 1, 2020, and is currently starting a handover period with the outgoing Supervisor that will last a number of weeks.  Haddad will be responsible for credit data sharing based on the Credit Data Law, the main objectives of which are to reduce information gaps between credit providers and to increase competition in the credit market to benefit the public, while maintaining fairness and privacy.




In addition, Haddad has served as a lecturer in accounting and business management courses at the Machon Lev – Jerusalem College of Technology.  Beginning in 2014, Haddad has served as Chairman of the Bank of Israel’s National Workers Committee.  Upon taking the position as Supervisor of Credit Data Sharing, Haddad will leave his position as Chairman of the Workers Committee.  Eyal resides in Moshav Tekuma, and is married with seven children.​