Between 1961 and 1982, compulsory state loans and voluntary loans were collected from Israeli citizens.  Over the years, the Bank of Israel has made many efforts to redeem the loans.  Letters have been sent to the creditors, articles have appeared in the media, advertisements have been posted in various places, a system has been installed on the Bank of Israel’s website since 2005 to provide information about eligibility for the loans, eligible individuals and their heirs were sought, and more.


So far, 98 percent of the loan amounts have been redeemed, and about 2 percent of the balance of the loans remains to be redeemed.  Individuals and companies are among those eligible to receive funds.


In addition to methods for individuals to check their eligibility on the Bank of Israel’s website, the Bank has also uploaded an updated list of all the companies that are eligible to redeem compulsory state loans.  There are about 11,000 companies that are eligible for a total of about NIS 47 million.  Using the list, authorized officials and representatives of the companies can check whether any company is eligible to redeem a compulsory state loan.

The file includes directions concerning how to redeem compulsory
state loans for eligible companies, the documents that must be sent to the Bank of Israel, and contract information for the State Loans Section at the Bank of Israel.


The list is on the Bank of Israel website under “Consumer Information” – “State Loans and Bonds”.​