In view of the government decisions to further ease activity restrictions, all branches of the banking system will be open to receive the public by May 13, 2020 at the very latest.  The branches will provide all services provided prior to the outbreak of the corona crisis in Israel.

In order to maintain public health, banking services will be provided subject to prior arrangement of an appointment.  However, the banking corporations are required to provide services to certain population groups, such as senior citizens and urgent cases, without the prior arrangement of an appointment.  A list of situations in which a customer may go to a branch without arranging an appointment beforehand will be listed on the banks’ websites.

The Banking Supervision Department calls on the public to conduct a wide variety of banking transactions through direct means: phone, automatic machines, banking applications, and the banks’ websites.

The banking system is continuing to manage business continuity risks derived from the corona pandemic.  As part of this, the banks are continuing to take the required measures to ensure the safety of customers and staff.