Due to the spread of the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus and the significant increase in morbidity, and with a forward view to ensuring the continued provision of essential services by the banking system, the opening of branches to public reception at reduced hours will be enabled as outlined below.


With the aim of protecting the health of employees and of the public, the banks are permitted to reduce the activity of their branches, as of today, January 18, 2022, provided that the percentage of branches open to the public is no less than 80 percent.  In addition, the banks are permitted to require customers to make appointments in advance.


In order to enable continuity in the provision of banking services to the broad public, the banks will ensure the in-person provision of services that cannot be provided through direct channels are that are provided for people who cannot obtain them through direct channels.  In addition, the community branches will be determined while taking into account the proper geographic deployment of branches and their ability to provide banking services to a broad customer public.


All services will be provided subject to setting appointments in advance and the availability of the service at the branch.


As part of this decision, the banks will examine various measures, including announcements to customers as soon as possible regarding the change and the alternatives available to them for obtaining banking services.


The Banking Supervision Department calls on the public to make a wide variety of banking transactions through direct means: by phone, through ATMs, through the bank’s cellular application, and on the bank’s website.​