At the meeting, the Governor presented the Minister with the main points of a document containing recommended policy steps formulated by the Bank of Israel for the government, which will be published shortly.


The document is based on Bank of Israel research, and integrates fundamental insights on Israel’s economy with insights formulated and clarified in view of the coronavirus crisis. It presents the structural reforms required over the coming decades in a range of areas, such as education, infrastructure, finance, reducing bureaucracy, and promoting digitization, while maintaining a responsible fiscal framework.


Governor of the Bank of Israel Prof. Amir Yaron said, “Today I welcome the incoming Minister of Finance, Mr. Avigdor Liberman—your success is our success, and I will tell him and the incoming government overall: The Bank of Israel and I are at your service to help with economic advice to the government and to assist the Israeli economy in the best way possible, precisely as has been done until now.


Looking to the future, the exit from the crisis brings us back to the very important challenges facing the economy: increasing productivity, reducing inequality, and bringing additional population groups into the employment circle.


The Israeli economy has tremendous potential, and this is an excellent opportunity to adjust to the new reality created in some segments of the economy, while at the same time dealing with the issue of financing the policy steps that will be taken.”​