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The Bank of Israel would like to update economists, researchers, journalists, students of economics, and all those interested in Israel’s economy regarding material in Hebrew (HE) and English (EN) which is now available on the Bank of Israel website and content which has been reorganized in order to ease access to it.

  1.  Bank of Israel Annual Reports (EN), which are written by the Research Department each year, have been published on the Bank’s
    website since 1997, while earlier reports were available only in hard copy. Recently, all the Annual Reports since the Bank’s founding in 1954 were scanned and uploaded to the website. Now you can read about, for example, the founding of the Bank and the beginning of its operations in the Bank of Israel Annual Report of 1954 (HE), the major recession in the Bank of Israel Annual Report of 1966 (HE), and the Stabilization Plan in the Bank of Israel Annual Report of 1985 (EN).

  2. Within the framework of the periodic reports which are published by the Research Department, deep analyses and short research articles (published as “boxes” in longer publications) on various topics relevant to Israel’s economy are occasionally published. These analyses are often the subject of considerable interest even after their publication in the specific report. In order to facilitate finding the material, several of those studies, which were published as boxes (HE) in “Recent Economic Developments” (EN) from 2003 and on, were added to the website. (Boxes from Bank of Israel Annual Reports and Monetary Policy Reports will be published subsequently.) Now, for example, you can easily find the box on “The Ratio of Women’s Wages to Men’s Wages in Israel and the OECD” (HE) from 2010, learn about “The China Effect and its Impact on Israel” (2004, HE) , and read about “Budgetary expenditure on the disengagement plan” (2005, HE) and “The Crisis in the Long-Established (“Old”) Pension Funds” (2004, HE).


In the future, additional historical content, as well as content in English, will be scanned.


The monthly inflation rate (1983-1986) as it reflects from the Employment and Wages data in the Annual Report of 1985: