Israel Economic Review​ - con​tents​​​​

A conference on Covid-19

Assaf Razin, Michel Strawczynski and Joseph Zeira

Monetary Policy During the Cornavirus Crisis Address to the Israel Economic Association Conference​
Prof. Amir Yaron, Governor of the Bank of Israel

Health Economics in the Post-Covid-19 Era​
Jacob Glazer

What can be Learned from the Economic Policies of Other Countries in Response to the Coronavirus Epidemic? Lessons from the First Wave
Zvi Eckstein, Benjamin Bental and Sergei Sumkin​

Beliefs, Expectations, and Behavior in the Time of Corona
Ori Heffetz

The Labor Market in the Coronavirus Crisis
Leah Achdut

Bridging the Covid-19 Recession: The Don Patinkin Lecture​
Martin Eichenbaum


Estimati​ng the Cost of Raising Children in Israel
Ariel Karlinsky and Michael Sarel

A Deep Market in Israeli Corporate Bonds: Macro and Microeconomi Analysis in Light of the Accounting Standards
Gitit Gur Gershgoren, Elroi Hadad and Haim Kedar-levy

Credit Insurance in Israel: An Initial Overview and Analysis o Considerations Affecting the Acceptance Rate​
Meital Graham-Rozen and Noam Michelson