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List of Supervised Banking Corporations and Merchant


Reporting symbol  
11001 Israel Discount Bank Ltd.
12001 Bank Hapoalim Ltd.
4001 Bank Yahav for Government Employees Ltd.
54001 Bank of Jerusalem
10001 Bank Leumi Le-Israel Ltd.
18001 One Zero Digital Bank Ltd.
20001 Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd.
46001 Bank Massad Ltd.
17001 Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd.
31001 The First International Bank of Israel Ltd.

Merchant acquirers

Reporting symbol  
10023 Cal – Israel Credit Cards Ltd.
10033 Max It Finance Ltd.
12002 Isracard Ltd.
12001 Premium Express Ltd.
11012 Diners Club Israel Ltd
60001 CardCom Ltd.
61001 Tranzila Ltd. 

Foreign banks

Reporting symbol  
27001 Barclays plc
22001 Citibank n.a
23001 HSBC Bank plc
39001 State Bank of India

Joint services companies

Reporting symbol  
50001 Bank Clearing Center Ltd. (Masav)