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Accessibility In The New Bank Notes

The issue of accessibility in general, concerning all population groups, was a major consideration for the Bank of Israel throughout the planning of the new series of banknotes, and will continue to be a priority in the future. Because of the importance attached by the Bank of Israel to the subject of accessibility in general, and its application to the blind and vision impaired in particular, the Bank has increased the accessibility of the new series of banknotes. This includes:

  • New banknotes are distinguished by a 7 mm difference in length between denominations.
  • Banknotes carry unique identification marks for each denomination, printed in the margins with a special raised ink that can be felt.
  • The nominal value of each banknote appears several times with different contrasts (dark numerals against a light background and light numerals against a dark background).
  • The font size of the nominal value printed on the banknote is especially large (about 20 mm) compared to both the previous series and to banknotes in other countries.
  • Each banknote has one dominant color.
  • Banknote colors are divided into “warm” and “cool” colors.
  • Banknotes with similar numbers (NIS 20 and NIS 200) differ as much as possible in both color (red and blue - warm and cool) and length (129 mm and 150 mm).