The Office of the Supervisor of Banks published today the Annual Information on the Banking Corporations—a collation of all the quantitative information on the banking system for the last five years.
The publication summarizes the activity of the Israeli financial institutions in a wide range of areas, and makes it possible to use the information contained in it effectively and conveniently. This is because the tables are presented in Excel format, in Hebrew and English. Presented at the beginning of the file are an introduction and a list of definitions, in Hebrew and English, which enable the user to understand their economic significance. Most of the data refer to the banking system as a whole, while part of the data refer to the five banking groups or to individual banks,
The user will be able to find in the tables balance-sheet information on the banking system, on credit and deposits and on matters connected with them, as well as the prices prevailing in the system during the year in question.
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