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Abraham Accords- 1 NIS

  • Diameter
    30 mm
  • Weight
    14.4 grams
  • Rim
  • Alloy
    Silver 0.925; Copper 0.075
  • Designer
    Obverse – ER Design, Reverse – Meir Eshel
  • Issue date
  • Reverse
    The Israel State Emblem, "Israel" in English, Hebrew and Arabic, "Independence Day 2023" in English and Hebrew, mint mark, face value in Hebrew, Arabic and English and beneath it, in the center, a stylized representation of a handshake for peace.
  • Obverse
    In the foreground, a handshake symbolizing the historic peace agreements and across the center, a representation in one side of the buildings and palm trees across the skyline of the Arab statesand in the other sidel buildings that represents israel and palm trees across the skyline of the Arab. Around the upper border, inscription: "Abraham Accords" in English, Hebrew and Arabic.