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Public Committee for the Planning of banknotes, coins and commemorative coins

The composition of the committee

This committee is appointed by the Governor, and it advises him on all matters related to the content, motifs and design of banknotes, coins and commemorative coins. The Committee's members include experts in legal matters, archaeology, numismatics, art, education, the Bible, etc., as well as media experts, architects and designers.  
The Committee, a voluntary one, is headed by retired Supreme Court Judge Jacob Türkel.

The current members of the Committee are

Mr Jacob Türkel  - Chair
Mr Dov Genachowski
Mr Gideon Lerman
Mr David Kroyanker
Prof. David Rosenthal
Mr Haim Gitler
Dr. Edina Meyer-Maril
Mrs. Ilana Goor
Mrs. Gila Schakhine
Mrs. Sari Ras Birron

The Chair and other representatives of the marketing company attend Committee meetings as observers.   

A subcommittee, consisting of certain members of the Committee, assists the Currency Department in guiding the artists in the preparation of the final design of coins and banknotes, in accordance with the decisions of the Committee. The current members of the subcommittee are Mr Gideon Lerman, Prof. Ronny Reich, Mr Haim Gitler, and Mrs. Gila Schakhine.