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Central Bank Bills (Makam)

About Makam

Makam is a short-term security (up to 1 year) issued by the Bank of Israel.  It enables the Bank of Israel to inject or absorb liquidity.  These securities are issued to the general public, and can be traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.  They are issued each month, such that at any given time, there are 12 Makam series being traded with a term of up to 1 year.  Makam yields help in calculating the public’s inflation expectations, and thereby in managing monetary policy for terms of up to one year.

Announcement of the April 4th, 2023 MAKAM auction

Central Bank Bills (Makam)

Auction Results for Treasury Bills (Makam)

Series number Tender date Closing yield (%) Average yield (%) Average price Requested quantity Quantity sold in the tender Allocation percentage (%) Redemption date Number of days to redemption
515 07/05/2024 4.31 4.29 95.8975 37,579 14,000 42.72 07/05/2025 364
814 07/05/2024 4.32 4.28 98.9606 47,076 26,000 7.70 07/08/2024 91
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