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I have a general question on banking matters

This service enables you to submit a request for information on general banking matters, such as information on the Banking Supervision Department’s policies and directives, banking legislation, consumer rights, and more.  Requests of this type do not require a formal investigation process or any investigation with the banking corporation.

Important to note:
  1. The Banking Supervision Department publishes all Proper Conduct of Banking Business directives on the Bank of Israel’s website.

  Click here to view the Directives page.

  1. The Banking Supervision Department provides legal opinions and general positions, including interpretations of legal provisions, only after the customer has exhausted the investigation process with the banking corporation that is subject of the complaint.

To submit a complaint to the banking corporation’s ombudsman, click here.

If you have contacted the banking corporation’s ombudsman and you would like to appeal the corporation’s response, you may submit a complaint, attaching the banking corporation’s response, and the matter will be investigated in accordance with the Banking Supervision Department’s authority.

To submit a complaint to the Consumer Enquiries and Inspections Unit, please click here.

Please note, you may submit your complaint once you have entered through the national identification system.





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The person making the enquiry is not legally required to provide any information, but the information is necessary in order to address the enquiry.
If it is necessary to investigate the enquiry with the banking corporation, the information you provide as part of the enquiry will be sent to the banking corporation’s attention.

This page was last updated on: 19/02/2024